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Secure and control your cloud data with Overnest's encrypted, searchable data storage platform.

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Enabling private cloud computing

With Overnest's data platform, you can store and query cloud data, fully-encrypted. Overnest never stores unencrypted data, whether that's your query, index, or the data itself. You are always in control of who or what has access to your data.


You control your keys - leverage existing KMS or HSM solutions. Split your data in partitions with granular access control permissions.


Data is secured with industry-standard AES-256 military-grade encryption.


Perform encrypted queries against your cloud-hosted data without compromising privacy.


Compliance and Privacy

Build secure applications to work towards PCI DSS, HIPAA or HITECH compliance. Our state-of-the-art encryption and unparalleled cloud-hosted data privacy ensure your data is protected at-rest and in-transit, even from us.


Scalability, Reliability and Ease

We provide you with simple, inclusive APIs that take the pain out of working with encryption. Our hosted service means that you spend time solving your customer's problems, instead of building out and maintaining expensive infrastructure.

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Interested in how Overnest can help your company leverage public cloud computing while maintaining security and privacy? Download our technical whitepaper or contact us with any questions you may have!

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